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Values and principles for action within the WCC


Each network has agreed that in membership of the WCC they will:

  • act for and actively promote global health and wellbeing;
  • engage health, social care and other professions equitably as partners;
  • respect and value differences between professions;
  • apply principles of equal opportunities within and between those professions;
  • promote parity between the professions in the learning environment;
  • act for, promote and support interactive student-led, user-focused, practice-based, interprofessional education and user-focussed collaborative practice  promote and disseminate research into interprofessional education and practice;
  • share evidence, experience and expertise between the networks and beyond;
  • actively support each ATBH conference. 


The WCC is ready at all times to consider applications for membership from networks and collaboratives dedicated to these values confirmed by evidence.


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