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WinDiets 2016 was issued in March 2016 and enhanced in March 2017 and January 2018. It has been designed to work on Windows 7 and above, be tablet-friendly as well as using a mouse.

WinDiets Resource Pages

WinDiets provides functions that are not available in other programs. WinDiets is based on British foods and diet. Two versions also include international data that may be useful to you. There is a list of all words in food names and how many contain them that was produced in 2017; this was generated programatically so contains also such words as 'and', but it also shows the extensive nature of the data available and where to locate the data in WinDiets. If you have an electronic copy of data for your country, they may be in a form that can be added (enquire) or you can enter them yourself in the program. The Professional version is designed for nutrition education and research. The Standard version still provides a wide range of functions and available data. The Student version is provided with UK data and most of the educational functions and represents great value for the low price charged. For full details about the Professional program, read the guide here. Watch WinDiets in action on this YouTube video. There are some Powerpoint presentations in pdf format about important features of WinDiets: recipes, colour intensity, web output and database management. There is a list of nutrients in Professional WinDiets here. WinDiets Professional provides a very wide range of functions to suit different nutritional tasks. The functions of the Standard and Student versions are reduced in number and can be studied in the table below as well as demonstrated in the demo version of the program. Here are the main functions that are useful for nutrition education, nutritional analysis and research, and dietetic practice, with notes and published references in parentheses.

Nutrition Education

Nutritional Analysis and Research

Dietetic Practice

Features of WinDiets Versions

Student, Standard & Professional

Standard & Professional